What’s Unique About MD Revenue Management?

MD Revenue Management - Rick D. Gladish, RCC, CPC Owner

Rick D. Gladish, RCC, CPC – Owner

We are a Tupelo, MS based consulting company with years of experience providing medical practice consulting and billing services for a wide range of physicians’ offices. We have:

  • The ability to help you increase your practice income immediately.
  • The expertise to help manage your practice and patient accounts effectively and in compliance with federal and state regulations.
  • The flexibility to provide you all of the services that you need and not one single service that you do not.
  • Certified coders to reduce denial payments and optimize reimbursements.
  • Electronic claims and personality reimbursement strategies.
  • Direct deposit of payments to your practice’s bank account.

The Reality Check

Never in all your years of education and training in preparation to practice medicine did the reality of the business side of the practice take center stage – that is until you established your practice.

And there is was. A sudden reality check.

And, while you have coped with the necessities of business, it has always been a distraction from your primary focus – medicine.

MD Revenue Management Office Staff


Our Goal

MD Revenue Management’s role is to provide the expertise in health care management that will aid you in achieving your maximum income potential in a timely manner. We do that by offering professional and expert solutions custom-tailored to meet the challenges of your practice which might include:

  • Third-party payer issues
  • Decreasing reimbursement
  • Managed care
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Increasing costs

Our staff of practice management and billing professionals includes certified procedural coders, insurance follow-up specialists, insurance filing specialists, physician support professionals and many others.

Getting Down to Business

Approximately one-fourth of all medical practice income is lost due to:


Under Pricing


Under Coding


Missed Charges


Unreimbursed Claims

We can help you reverse this with the professional services we provide.